Stop it with Aaron Judge cut-ins

Aaron Judge hit his 61st home run of the season and ties Roger Maris.  It’s also ties the New York Yankees record and ties the American League record. But seriously who cares?!

Baseball has to realize the Yankees are not the only team that sports fans care about anymore.  Times have changed.  With Social Media and other platforms, NY and it‘s media market are not as a focus as it once was.  

MLB has to also come to a reality check they are down the depth chart behind now NCAA football, and to cut in while college football is being played is down right dumb. 

As much as Aaron Judge is impressive in terms of talent, he isn’t exactly a polarizing sports figure.  Seems robotic and not as marketable as some of the older players used to be.  That’s why outside NY, no one really cares about Judge hitting the seventh best season home run record.  

Barry Bonds 73 2001

Mark McGwire 70 1998

Sammy Sosa 66 1998

Mark McGwire 65 1999

Sammy Sosa 64 2001

Sammy Sosa 63 1999

Aaron Judge 61 2022

Before you say “well Judge did it without steroids!”,  how about the juiced balls?  MLB is trying to get offense back and this year there is no doubt they made changes in the baseballs.  Also if the steroid era did not count in some peoples eyes, then why keep those players records? 

Sports media is So desperately trying to make Aaron Judge as some sort of hero, but in all honesty, no one cares, now back to your regularly scheduled Alabama vs Texas A&M game.