Big Money Swallowing Big L’s

Time and time again we see major sports teams throwing a lot of money into their payroll for a chance to win a title. It’s a common theme for these owners who think they can buy their way to a championship. With the ever increasing values of franchises these owners are opening up the checkbook just to appease they’re fanbase.  
It’s so much easier to acquire talent rather than raise talent. In the age of free agency, there’s only two winners that benefit from this relatively new dynamic, it’s the player and it’s the agent. 
Look at what happened in baseball this year and we look at the top highest payroll teams, huge payrolls and no trophies. 
I think we will see a turn to where these large payrolls will be reduced significantly and more and more analytics will play into baseball than ever before.

These outrageous guaranteed contracts for many years the players are holding hostage these franchises, until something changes you’ll see these non-performing baseball players just milk their contracts to the very end with nothing to show for it.

They say money can’t buy happiness and obviously money can’t buy trophies as well. A team is much more than just a bank payroll, it takes leaders it takes guys that want to come together for the common cause of what’s best for the team.
I look at the Atlanta Braves who made it to their first World Series since 1999.  This team really rallied around each other after losing their best player it seem like they’re pitching as a whole got a whole lot better as a Playoffs continued.  
It took all of them to win the penant,  this guy is definitely rooting for the Braves, because I’m sure the Astros cheated their way to the World Series I’m not sure how yet but someone will figure it out. 

As a Nationals fan nothing gave me great joy to know that we beat those cheating fools just a few years ago to win our first World Series title. 

Go Braves!