Can Sports help lead to Diplomacy?

We at Motion Sports try to stay out of politics and just cover Sports, however when global escalation such as what we seen this week affects overall diplomacy I think it’s important that we cover the story from the sports angle.

We’ve seen several names of Pro Russian athletes step up and denounce what has been going on in Ukraine. Two athletes in particular have taken a brave stance and spoke out against Vladimir Putin and his siege on Ukraine. These could have dire consequences for these two athletes by going against the “motherland”.

World renowned tennis player Andrey Rublev just recently wrote on a camera “No War Please” After winning his tennis match which created a buzz in the sports world.


NHL‘s Alex Ovechkin also just recently came out and denounced the invasion of Ukraine which is a huge blow to many in Russia who support this invasion and look up to Alex Ovechkin. This also has dire consequences for him when he gets home as he could be shown or worse by this terrible regime. They both put their careers and how they’re perceived in Russia on the line by making such statements. 

Short of calling them “heroes“ I don’t think we need to go that far, it’s not a Pat Tillman type sacrifice but nonetheless it is a sacrifice to them and their families by making these statements. It’s time the sports world comes together and can use their powerful platform to help speak out against these atrocities.

Another very impressive sacrifice is Vitali Klitschko, who is a world renowned boxing champion in heavyweight division recently retired to become the mayor of Kyiv. He was recently seen taking up arms to help stop the Russian front literally with machine guns in his hands fighting beside his country men to save his country. He could be anywhere in the world he wants By having a net worth over $50 million instead he is giving all that up to help preserve his country from being overtaken by Russia.

In Sports, we think these robotic machines of althetic beings are going out and dominating their respective sport and by these actions by these gentlemen we also have to understand their human too. The world is watching and the sports world does have an impact hopefully they can take the torch and help promote democracy and bring peace in this world.