College Football is the Montgomery Ward of sports

Back in my day growing up as a kid there’s certain places to always remember that are no longer here, we walk through malls, There would be stores like Montgomery Ward, Sam Goody, and the Orange Bowl.

We also go out and shop places like Hechingers, Dart Drug, and eat at the famed El Taco.


Sadly these places no longer exist, they are part of our childhood like many things time passes by and things are no longer the same. Business is not as usual. So my question to you with all these changes are things really better?


The NCAA is quickly ruining it the way things are supposed to be run and all common sense has gone out the window. They are allowing teams like UCLA and USC to go to the Big Ten, are you freaking kidding me! It started with Maryland getting out of the ACC going to the Big Ten then followed by Texas and Oklahoma going to the SEC. Things are gone mad the once perfectly aligned conferences are no longer.

Sadly there will only be two major conferences in college football. It will be the SEC and the Big 10.

If you are not a part of these two conferences you have zero chance of making the playoffs or the NCAA championship. Schools are going to be following over each other trying to get to these conferences and quite frankly it’s diluted the title. The NCAA has had nothing but failures in its decisions here in the last five years. With the complete debacle of the NIL in the laissez-faire attitude of conference realignments they have completely ruined that once was a very entertaining product. Everything does change however the NCAA continues to make wrong decisions after wrong decisions, and just like the stores like Montgomery Ward and Sam Goody, The NCAA is only making the NFL look smart and that is embarrassing.