Early in KFL season, Young Guns are shining

KFL’s is off and running and the last two weeks has been nothing but spectacular action both on and off the water. The KFL has absolutely made its name and the sport of kayak fishing and there’s an excitement in the air of those competing. New rivalries have been established and it’s quite clear this early in the season that anglers must stand their ground and not give an inch if they are going to make the playoffs.

We’ve seen quite a bit of action most recently a great game between Coosa Kingfishers and the Southern Slayers was an all-time instant classic for the KFL.

One thing is becoming quite prevalent with a KFL there’s a lot of great talent but KFL is showing the league has an emergence of young talent. Some names you’ve heard of and some names you have not.

The Granite State Sticks is blessed with two young guys that are absolutely taking their team on their shoulders and that’s Jake Angulas and Jake Coucoulas.  Both these guys have had great starts to their season it has help propel the Granite State Sticks to their hot 2-0 start.



Another young gun that almost single-handedly could’ve defeated Motor City Ambassadors on the road is Ewing Minor. His impressive 98 inch best five bag in Michigan last week really has raise some eyebrows on his talent. He’s been very successful in the Hobie BOS series and is quickly becoming the anchor for the Tennessee Shiners.

Recent MVP Caymen Rasmussen has been on an absolute tear in all the series he’s been fishing, and last weeks performance with a KFL is no exception. His PB 24.75 inch mega bass giant helped propel the Oklahoma Outlaws to a victory against the Lonestar Bandits at Fairfield.

Last but certainly not least is a young Alabama Hammer by the name of Berkley Perkins, son of Tim Perkins, this 15-year-old is not afraid to get in the ring with the adults and have at it.  KFL’s is blessed with much great talent throughout the league but keep an eye out on these young guns as they try to dominate this league in 2022.