Enjoy Tom Brady this season

by Greg Nosar

Like him or not Tom Brady is the GOAT.  He is the link between old and new. Tom Brady’s legacy will forever be the QB with an astounding 7 Super Bowl rings.  
For those who have long grown up as the expectation of an NFL quarterback being 6’3” + standing tall in the pocket with 300 lb lineman falling all around his legs while keeping his eyes downfield waiting for the WR to break on his route, and sling a spiralled pass into their breadbasket for a chain moving gain, this “typical” Tom Brady-esk QB profile has all but changed.  
There is new blood, new QB profiles that really started with the likes of Randall Cunningham, Mike Vick, Russell Wilson and now Patrick Mahomes, followed up by the 2021 rookie class of Justin Fields, Trey Lance, and Zack Wilson, all duel threat QB that can move the pocket and create plays in chaos. 

We have to accept the fact as fans and more importantly NFL team executives the game has changed.  Changed so that defenses have to be aware they cannot attack the QB as they once were taught.  15 yard flags are being dished out like free giveaways at the Fairground gates in the summer.  This has allowed offenses to be more like college spread programs.  That is why we are seeing young QB’s make the adjustment much quicker and easier than in times past.  In Tom Brady’s rookie year it was common for young QB’s were forced to hold a clipboard and watch and learn from Veteran QB’s in Tom’s case Drew Bledsoe, and they only way they got to sniff the field was because of injury.  
As the sunset falls on Tom Brady’s career, like him or hate him he will be the last QB standing as Greatest QB to play the game, the last great pocket passer, and the last great Typical QB we knew NFL QB’s to be.  It’s a new game.  Embrace the old and new.