Is Covid Destroying Fantasy Football?

I started playing fantasy football back in 1997 we used to have Excel spreadsheets in manually enter in the stats from the newspaper and determined points for league manually. It was a passion, it was awesome that’s when the great Brett Favre and Dante Culpepper were absolute monsters in scoring. 

Fantasy football has certainly evolved since that time. Now you have just pushbutton apps that does everything for you, the draft parties, the shamed last place ridicule the losers get and the constant trash talk amongst friends during the season. It’s a lot of fun.

Then came along the daily Fantasy Apps like Draft Kings and FanDuel and the market changed from yearly fantasy leagues to daily fantasy leagues and a lot of money is invested in this industry.

I enjoy doing both, however this year has been a damper on fantasy leagues for me personally, in talking with a lot of my friends who have been doing it as long as I have, it just has a different feeling due to the COVID-19 issues and the constant changing of your fantasy team is just exhausting. A lot of people do not have the time to continue to keep up with the constant ever-changing adds and drops due to Covid. I think it’s really hurting the yearly fantasy leagues.

Maybe I’m speaking my book but as for me for next year if this continues this guy will not be involved in yearly fantasy teams I just don’t have the time or energy to keep up with several leaks and multiple players being out at the last minute due to Covid. Who wants a number three running back on their team and rely upon them to win your weekly fantasy? The NFL and their ridiculous Covid policies, not only affecting the product on the field but has a trickle effect throughout the industry including gambling.


I also think that gambling apps as they become more prevalent throughout the country will take precedence over the fantasy industry like daily fantasy leagues and the yearly leagues. 

Covid has certainly caused distruption, I think it has and will make Fantasy Football the K-Mart of entertainment.