KFL Preseason Rankings 9-16

We continue our preseason rankings with 9-16.

At #16 we have the Main-E-Yaks  Representing the state of Maine, the Yaks will be looking to build on their early success from last season, only to falter late. They have a solid group of well travelled anglers on their roster and will be aiming for a spot in the playoffs against the tough Northeast Division.  Roster includes

Jason Gardner 

Brady Ouellette 

Jon Richardson 

Judy Richardson 

Chris Pendergast 

Brian Volkernick 

Jake Young 

Chris Nichols 

Chris Schultz 

Jason Breard 

At #15, we have the Natural State Eagles, representing the state of Arkansas. The Eagles have a reputation for being tough competitors and will be looking to copy on their 3-1 record from last season. They came into the league halfway through, and had a very impressive run, just missing the playoffs by the last game loss to Alabama at Guntersville.  Roster includes.

Joel Speer 

Larry Hollis 

Gary Cooper 

Phillip Weese 

Chase Peevey 

Michael Evans 

James Ingle 

Glenn Jernigan 

John Robertson 

Bruce Stafford 

The Palmetto Punishers come in at #14 in the preseason rankings. Hailing from the state of South Carolina, the Punishers have a strong-willed leader in Barry Davis and will be looking to build on their success from late last season. With a solid core of experienced anglers, the Punishers could be a dark horse team to win the Southeast Division.  Roster is 

Barry Davis 

Terry Smith 

Scott Simmons  

Lee ward 

Blaine Upton 

Robert Harris 

Tou Yang 

Lowell Brannan 


The Rhode Island Rebels sit at #13 in the preseason rankings. Representing the smallest state in the country, the Rebels have grit.  The team that has more heartbreaking last minute losses than any team we've seen in sports. They have a diverse of anglers on their roster and will be aiming for a spot in the playoffs, question is can they do it with the loss of Greg Kras and Justin Lacasse.  We'll see. 

John Dicenzo 

Christopher Catucci 

Justin Gallo 

Neal Rapoza 

Toby Bonoyer 

Ryan Bibeault 

Ben Halowell 

Louis Laporte 

Chris Gomes 

The Washington Warhawks come in at #12 in the preseason rankings. Hailing Northern Virginia, the Warhawks have added to their playoff bound roster from  last season. With a solid mix of river, shallow water, and deep water reservoir  anglers, the Warhawks could be a team to watch out for this season. Additions of Jon Mehus, James Quinn and Olivier Geyer will bring strength to make a run. Roster includes

Will Brewer 

Greg Nosar 

James Johnston 

Jon Mehus 

James Quinn 

Olivier Geyer 

Michael Hogan 

Victor Hendrix 

Joe Costa 

Dustin Good 

Sitting at #11 in the preseason rankings are the Syracuse Swarm, representing the state of New York. The Swarm a new team to the KFL however not new anglers competing with the KFL. These guys know how these league is played. Adding Rich Biggie, getting to fish in his home state again, will bring a dynamic of attitude and backing it up.  They are fishing out of Cayuga, some say the greatest lake in US to fish.  Should be fun seeing these guys grind the season. Roster includes..

Justin Queary
Jacob Turner
Jacob Stem
Alan Queary
Kyle Livinghouse
Rich Biggie
Rob Braun
Ralph Way
Pete Van Dien
Jose Vuittonet


The Virginia Reapers come in at #10 in the preseason rankings. Representing the Old Dominion state, the Reapers a surprise contender last year. They won the KFL East Division last year, made it to the Final Four and cashed.  They were very impressive on road wins and with the additions of Tyler Bumgarner and Sean Boorsma, they have a great chance of repeating.  Roster Includes..

Michael Thornton
Ryan Sarko
Justin Curtis
Kyle Franklin
Tyler Bumgarner
Matt Miller
Scott Delosh
Sean Boorsma
Jeremy Hostetter

At #9, we have the Connecticut Renegades, hailing from the northeastern state of Connecticut. The Renegades last year were a surprise disappointment. They have revamped their roster with well known and experienced anglers and will be looking to make a push for the playoffs in the tough Atlantic Division.  Player of note is Ryan Nye, absolutely crushed it in National Trails the last two years, but like we have seen, that doesn't necessarily convert into a team winning formula.  They do have the respect with a #9 ranking going into the season.  Roster includes,

Jack Tibbens
Ryan Nye
Bryan " The Big Dawg" Baxter
Brad Campbell
Bob Tibbens
Tony " Two Rods" Campbell
Rick " The Stick" Marks Jr.
Tom Mee
Bryan Nunziato
Steve Hedges

Stay Tuned for the final 8 on our countdown