KFL Strength of Schedule and Updated Preseason Rankings

As we approach the 2023 season, teams are gearing up for their run at the KFL Cup, from the league standpoint it was all systems go, until last week.  A surprise drop out of the Carolina Casters thru the KFL for a loop.  Behind the scenes once again, a scramble to fix an issue. 

With several irons in the fire, along came the former team of the Tennessee Shiners, and last years Champion teammate of the Coosa Kingfishers, Jordan Marshall.  He and Jake Suvak are leading this stout Tennessee Shiners team for a run towards the Championship.  Their roster is full of familiar names, like former Casters player Cory Dreyer, Coosa Kingfishers teammates of Jordan, Nick Dyer, Coley McGowan the 2021 KFL MVP, and former Florida Copperheads player Jason Starley.  Among others like Eric Thomason, Jake Suvak, Ethan Jett, Bassmaster Champion Eric Siddiqi, and multi -trail champion Josh Stewart, the Shiners are a new squad, but already rank #3 in the updated Preseason Standings. 

With the update we now give you the Strength of Schedule rankings for the KFL according to the preseason rankings, they are as follows

1. Maineyaks
2. Rebels
3. Swarm
4. Warhawks
5. Lunkers
6. Bronzebacks
7. Renegades
8. Maulers
9. Sticks
10. Patriots
11. Hooligans
12. Bass Mob
13. Outlaws
14. Punishers
15. Privateers
16. Hurricanes
17. Ambassadors
18. Swamp Donkeys
19. Shiners
20. Eagles
21. Slayers
22. Reapers
23. Knights
24. Hawgs


Just by the nature of having to compete in the Northeast, Main-e-Yaks wins the top spot for the hardest schedule.  

Some rosters will adjust between now and the start of the KFL season, as anglers shuffle their schedule around, but it is never too early to discuss and egt ready for April 22, Opening Day for the KFL.

With the Shiners taking over the Casters spot in the KFL east, new pre-season rankings are now as follows,

1. Maulers
2. Sticks
3. Shiners
4. Hawgs
5. Knights
6. Ambassadors
7. Slayers
8. Bronzebacks
9. Swamp Donkeys
10. Renegades
11. Reapers
12. Swarm
13. Warhawks
14. Rebels
15. Punishers
16. Eagles
17. Maineyaks
18. Privateers
19. Patriots
20. Hurricanes
21. Bass Mob
22. Lunkers
23. Outlaws
24. Hooligans


240 anglers will be apart of the League this year.  Great fun, great competition, great fellowship.  Here's to a great 2023.