NFL is the McDonald’s drive thru of Sports

We’ve all had the experience.  We pull up, we know what we want, we pay, then we get dissapointed time and time again with the McDonald’s Drive Thru. 

This is no different on how we feel with the NFL.  A company that pays $100M for Roger Goddell’s salary per year, they would be better served to take some of that money and invest it back Into it’s product. 

Like the McDonald’s employee they are doing their best, they just need better training and clear understanding of their job.  The NFL ref is no different.  This quality of decisions and calls this season is nothing short of reaching in your McDonald’s bag and finding a Barth Burger... “Dahh I heard that”

The recent, clear blantant calls that effected the outcome of the game, could cost jobs and playoff appearances a great example of this is the Chicago Bears and the Steelers game.  By my count 7 calls went against the Bears that had a direct effect on the outcome of that game. None more eggregious than the hip check to Bears LB Cassius Marsh by Ref Tony Corrente, then calling Marsh for Taunting giving the Steelers a 1st down after the Bears stopped them on 3rd down. 

Not saying the NFL games are rigged, but stuff like this makes you wonder what is really going on.  Is it bad training? Is it pure incompetence? Or has the NFL set rules that are just too unclear? Either way with the income the NFL brings in, it’s time to start hiring some Chick-Fil-A employees to manage these games to make all of our experience much better.