NFL Through Week 2

NFL week 2 building on some surprises from week 1? We are gonna examine it. Week 1 winners are looking to go 2-0 and if you lost opening weekend you don’t want to get in that 0-2 hole.

Sitting at 2-0

Las Vegas-surprise win over the Ravens has the Raiders tied atop the AFC West

Denver-an easy weeks 1 and 2 but they took both wins to put a scare into their AFC West foes

Tampa Bay-Brady that is all. But not without a supporting cast that wants to win for him

Carolina-maybe their rebuild isn’t going to take as long as expected. With Christian McCaffery that is helpful to build around

San Francisco-two headed QB monster doesn’t look like it’s causing problems…yet

LA Rams-a week 3 showdown with the Buccaneers is looming and looks like it will be a shootout with two high powered offenses

Arizona-gonna take some luck to win sometimes but Kyler Murray looks like he’s got this NFL game

Could have been 2-0

Buffalo-how did you let the Steelers do that to you at home week 1? They will separate themselves from the rest of the division soon

New England-not exactly pretty but came up just short against the Dolphins. Imagine how the Bills would be kicki g themselves if the Patriots had pulled off that week 1 win

Pittsburgh-stole one from the Bills and the loss to the Raiders wasn’t that bad. Can Big Ben stay healthy through the season?

Cleveland-had the Chiefs on the ropes in week 1. They aren’t world beaters yet but Baker Mayfield needs a little more seasoning. The AFC North is going to be a slugfest 

Houston-injuries are now haunting a team with lots of off field questions. 

Philadelphia-lost by 6 at home to the 49ers or else they would be leading the NFC East. Could have a say in a toss up looking division

Dallas-hung with the Buccaneers in week 1 and were even leading late. Dak and the Cowboys look more like the favorites to win the NFC East

New Orleans-come on Saints! You whip the Packers then lay an egg against the Panthers

Seattle-you to Seahawks. I thought that 12th man thing meant something, but you let the Titans come back on you like that. Now you are looking at 3 other teams in the NFC West that are undefeated

Lucky to not be 0-2

Tennessee-the Titans are gonna have to straighten themselves out. Luckily the remembered they have Derrick Henry on their team and started using him correctly

Miami-only the stealing one from the Patriots is what’s keeping them from 0-2. Now Tua is hurt and you are traveling to Las Vegas, not looking good for the Dolphins

Cincinnati-needed OT in week 1 for a win and lose by 3 to the Bears. This team could be a thorn in their opponents side all season

Baltimore-sure their 2 games have been close and could be in the group above but that squeaker against the Chiefs could have seen them down 0-2 just as easily

Kansas City-do opponents see something they can use against the Chiefs? Just think if they didn’t pull it out in week 1 what they would be facing in the AFC West

Los Angles Chargers-gave Washington to many chances in week 1 and then the Cowboys capitalized on that in week 2

Washington-the 2nd chance FG as the game was ending is all that is keeping WFT from being winless

Green Bay-needed that week 2 win so badly after maybe the worst performance of opening weekend

Chicago-the Rams hung it on the Bears then the Bengals almost come back. But it could be Justin Fields time in Chi-Town

Dreaded 0-2 record

New York Jets-have looked like they are full of high round draft picks

Jacksonville-Trevor Lawrence needs time and some help around him

Indianapolis-things just aren’t clicking with the Colts

New York Giants-had WFT beat but just couldn’t close them out

Minnesota-bad luck in close games or are the Vikings making their own luck?

Atlanta-just think, it’s only 190 days until opening day for the Braves

Detroit-they have some fight in them, just can’t let their opponents run away from them