NFL upside down?

WAAAAAAAAAAY to early to make any real determinations about the season but let’s talk about what’s going as the 1PM games are ending.

Washington defense pretty good but not great. In this era of offense holding a team to 20 is ok but the offense is going to have to catch up. Taylor Heinicke should have been the starter since the end of last season. Credit to the Chargers and Justin Herbert. His receivers made some great grabs and they allowed the WFT defense to have some moments but Herbert managed the end of the game perfectly. 

Hello Tennessee?? September 12 is the first game of the season. Where are you? There are actually 17 games this year. Preseason is over! Derrick Henry had 9 yards on 10 carries in the 1st half. The loss wasn’t his fault but he has got to be better than 17 carries for 58 yards.

Buffalo same to you. Granted the Bills are facing Rothlisberger and a very stout and well coached Pittsburg team. But this effort by Buffalo will not do anything to challenge the Chiefs.

Eagles, Seahawks, 49ers all taking care of lesser team as they should have. Tennessee, Buffalo why am I not mentioning you in this group? 

The Jets didn’t look terrible against the Panthers but they aren’t there yet. Christian McCaffery was to much for them to deal with weather it was running or catching the ball for a combine 177 yards.

Minnesota and Cincinnati are still in OT with a tie looking very likely. Does anyone have more ties than the Bengals and the Vikings? Anyone bet on this game to end in a tie? How’s that payout?

Seriously, I am extremely surprised by the Bills and Titans. There are still 16 games to play and they both should play better than this week 1. They certainly couldn’t play worse. Now let’s see the premier game of the day between Cleveland and Kansas City. *note the Browns take it downfield to start the game and score and punch in a 2 point conversion. Wow. Going for 2 that early*