Preseason Rankings for KFL 17-24

The KFL season is fast approaching, and anticipation is high as fans eagerly await the return of their favorite anglers and teams. Preseason rankings have been released, and there are a few surprises in store for fans this year.

Starting at the bottom of the rankings, we have the Florida Hooligans at #24. The Hooligans are new to the KFL this year, but they have a dedicated fanbase that is hoping for a vaulting season and shock the Southeast Division. The team has new faces that could help them climb up the ranks. Roster includes 

James Lamb 

Jeremy Smith 

Ryan Perian 

Derek Matusch 

Eric Samuels 

Timothy Campbell 

Buz Bireline 

Jason Slater 

Jonathan Ellingwood 


At #23, we have the Oklahoma Outlaws. The Outlaws have a reputation for being tough competitors, but they have struggled to find consistent success in last year. This year, they will be looking to bounce back and make a strong push for the playoffs.  Roster includes

Preston Griner 

Caymen Rasmussen  

Jerry Thye 

David Hutson 

James Ridenour 

Jimmy Burgess 

Josh Massey 

Josh Barlow 

Hunter Williams 

The Tarheel Lunkers come in at #22 in the preseason rankings. The Lunkers have a strong roster from their home state of North Carolina, but they have struggled to find their footing in the KFL in 2022. Lunkers had a signature win against Coosa Kingfishers at home, watching Steve Perry and Dave Hart celebrate at the end of that game was awesome to watch.  They will be looking to improve on their record from last season and make a push for back to playoffs like in 2021.  Roster includes

Matt Dunn 

Steve Perry 

Dave Hart 

Justin Faircloth 

Dontrell Sullivan 

Mathew Ortensie 

Paul Roberts 

Keith McGee 


The Carolina Casters come in at #21 in the preseason rankings. The Casters have a strong anchor on their team, Cory Dryer, who is well known nationally. They will be looking to build on their success from last season, but need to eliminate game costing mistakes that could have costed them a playoff spot in 2022. With a solid core of experienced anglers, the Casters could be a dark horse team out of the East Region.  Caster Roster includes

Stephen Bell Sr  

Arlie Minton

Eric Nelson   

Stephen Bell Jr 

Eddie Crabtree 

Heath Tatum 

Cory Dreyer 


The Mid-West Bass Mob sits at #20 in the preseason rankings. The Bass Mob  based out of Chicago, look to find consistent success in the KFL. They are a new and young team, excited to be apart of the league this year. They will be looking make a push for the playoffs in a very tough division.  Angler of note is Blake Power, a KBBT Bracket Champion, knows his way around a lake and can easily change a game.  Roster includes,

Michael Ramirez Jr (Rami)

Blake Power 

Chris Rodriguez  

Gerardo Garcia  

Rodney Hicks  

Rustem Salim 

Chris Slywka  

Manny Miranda  

Michael Remus 

Nattapong Srisanga 


The Southwest Hurricanes come in at #19 in the preseason rankings. The Hurricanes have had their ups and downs in the KFL, but they have a strong core of experienced anglers that could help them make a push for the playoffs.  Their lakes will stretch from Louisiana to Texas, they have a tough schedule indeed, their anglers will be tested in many different fisheries and styles.  The defensive strategy they implemented last year backfired on them.  They are dedicated to play offense this year and go after full limits and big fish.  Looking forward to seeing Levis Castie and Blake Hennigan have a bigger role this year.  Roster includes

Brad Case 

Neal DeForest 

Levis Castie 

Jeff Penny 

Blake Hennegan 

Jacob Oldenburg 


The Alabama Patriots come in at #18 in the preseason rankings. The Patriots mostly composed of all US Military Veterans from Alabama, get to showcase as their home waters the awesome fishery Guntersville. They have a solid group of anglers on their roster, and they will be looking to make a strong push for the playoffs, again like Bass Mob in a very tough division.  Angler to look out for is Adam Petrone.  He will be a force in the KFL this year, expect him to be a fantasy fishing monster! Roster includes

Keith Lamberth 

Derek Taylor 

Christopher Davis 

Daniel Higgens 

Allen Ballard 

Joe McElroy 

Adam Petrone 

Dustin Nichols 

Finally, at #17, we have the Norfolk Privateers. The Privateers have a strong team out of Virginia, and they will be looking to build on their success from a late run from last season. With a solid mix of experienced anglers and young talent, the Privateers could be a team to watch out for this season. Player of note and has come on strong is David Miller.  He can anchor this team easily. Roster includes

Robert Brown 

David Miller 

Ray Montes 

Travis Belcher 

Wyatt Novak 

Nathan Green 


Overall, it looks like it will be another exciting and competitive season in the KFL. With a mix of seasoned veterans and up-and-coming talent, there are sure to be plenty of surprises and twists and turns throughout the season. As always, fans can expect high-stakes action and intense competition as the top anglers in the league battle it out for a chance at the championship.  Next drop will be rankings 9-16.