The Hypocrisy of the Baseball Hall of Fame is Laughable

We all remember the time that Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire were on their record Home Run pace. At the time that baseball needed more eyes and viewers on the product it was coming off one of the worst times in baseball era. The lockout infuriated a lot of fans it was losing ratings by the second.


Then came the juice ball era where baseballs were flying out of the park at record pace. Let’s be honest you and I and all the baseball HOF writers were soaking this up like toast and eggs. We were glued watching each bat between Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez and Mark McGwire smash balls and watching Roger Clemens over power batters.

We all saw a once skinny Barry Bonds out in the outfield chase down pop flies, Run extremely fast around the bases and was an overall really good player, then came his steroid use and this was skinny outfielder became a massive of a man and homerun king playing first base. We all saw against the Washington Nationals Bonds breaking Hank Aaron’s Home Run record, some including myself were very upset that this most hated athlete became the Home Run King.

As he finish his career it was tarnished obviously by steroid use amongst other players that are well-known and not well-known. Baseball writers across the nation refuse to put guys like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens in the Hall of Fame due to steroid use. One of these players that actually tested positive for PED usage is David Ortiz. But yet because he’s lovable guy in Boston and actually treated the media with respect he gets a pass. In 2003 he tested positive for PEDs.

Yet somehow he is voted into the Hall of Fame and guys like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are now officially shut out of the ballot. We all know that in that time frame steroid use was the norm. 

This is not the moral Hall of Fame this is the baseball Hall of Fame and I am sick and tired of these baseball writers choosing morality, of which they know they all enjoyed and absolutely loved this time frame in the most exciting time in baseball history. Yet they let drug abusers, alcohol abusers and women abusers into the Hall of Fame, but yet when everyone was on the same playing field in the steroid era they choose selected players like Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds and shunned them forever.  

Not related to steroid use but what they’re doing to Pete Rose is an absolute tragedy. Unfortunately it may take him to die before he gets elected into the Hall of Fame again the moral police is out there trying to override what Pete Rose did on the diamond. It’s a joke it’s time to strip these writers of their ability to elect Hall of Famer‘s and give it to fans, players and Existing Hall of Famer’s. 

The Hall of Fame in Cooperstown is nothing more than baseballs church and the hypocrisy stinks! Keep what happened on the diamond in the HOF and everything else out.