The most hated athletes that you wish you had on your team

The most hated athletes that you wish you had on your team


As we embark in the greatest time of the year where all major sports league are in play, it is time to start getting your favorite teams jerseys on and yell and scream at your team to do better and more importantly verbally harass the hell out of the opponents you love to hate.

By doing so here is a list of the Top 10 athletes you love to hate but admit it, if they played for your team, you’d be jacked!


         10. Jose Altuve - Astros

         We havn’t forgot about the Astros cheating scandle although MLB wants you to forget.  Altuve was right in the middle of it, great player... def cheated


         9. James Harden - Nets

This high maintance NBA star has burned bridges and upset past teammates, ball hog that has never won a Championship, but yet he is well wanted in the NBA

          8. Tom Wilson - Capitals

Tom is well disliked in the NHL for his hard hits, fighting and goon play, NHL fans overwhelmingly have heartburn when he comes to town.

         7. Antonio Brown - Bucs

This WR has proven to make enemies everywhere he goes, his constant antics with the law, players and teams he plays for has grown old, his talent though always seems to supercede his off the field troubles


     6.  Sidney Crosby - Penguins

Where do I even begin.  This guy is extremely a talented..... cry thought I was going to say a goal scorer, he does score goals for sure when he is not crying to the refs about something.


        5. Bryce Harper - Phillies

Careful what we say about him, he is uber sensitive and well protected and shielded.  His abnormal machine-like upbringing has made him quite a unique baseball player... but he’s really good


         4.  Aaron Rodgers - Packers

Talented yes, his antics he did with upper management with the Packers, his so called hold out and formers players coming out in utter dislike for the guy puts him at a modest #4 spot. By the way Go Bears!


         3.  Tom Brady - Bucs

The GOAT, this guy seems to always trigger the professional analysts that used to play, but now see Tom winning Super Bowls in his 40’s.  His weird diets, rich wife, and 7 rings add up to jealousy, but he is the living Uncle Rico!

         2.  Brad Marchand - Bruins

Can we all unite and come together in the manner of just agreeing that nobody likes this guy.  He uncanny ability to troll players by spitting, biting, kissing and cheap shotting the other teams best players is just tiring.

  1. Lebron James

What team is he now on again?  I’ve lost count.  It’s hilarious anyone can consider him even close to Michael Jordan’s talent.  Le China James is indeed the winner of the most hated athlete in the world.