The only thing certain in the NFL is uncertainty

The only certain thing is uncertainty in the NFL. After the first two weeks if you think you have this league figure it out, you are completely wrong. The dogs are barking. Underdogs are covering and what you thought Dominant teams were going to be dominant teams like the Ravens who are ravagely hurt defeats a great Kansas City team in Baltimore.

From a bettors standpoint Vegas is building more buildings. The handle on these games is at an all-time high and the NFL proves to be Vegas friendly as the book makers are cashing in.

Defense seems to be a premium in the NFL as well as the overs are hitting consistently across-the-board. With the new rules in place the NFL loves the explosion of offense at the expense of Defensive coordinators Sleepless nights and popping Advil to try to stop these offensive machines.

So what’s a new subscriber to do if you wanted to dabble in the art of NFL betting?

My advice stick to college. The NFL is almost impossible to figure out.

The NFL is nothing but a roller coaster of injuries, flags, taunting penalties and pass interference penalties that result in 50 yard swings in games.

Again Vegas did not build these buildings for being wrong and if you look at the juice on some of the spreads you’ll see why this is a at best breakeven game over the course of the season. Is it fun? yes  Is it profitable? Highly unlikely. So my advice Keep the bets small, and keep the bets more often.