The Secret Sauce of SEC Football Dominance

For years now under the leadership of coaches like Nick Saban of Alabama, Urban Meyer of Florida, and Coach O and Les Miles of LSU, three dominate SEC football schools have wrecked the college football world and has planted their flag as being the unquestionable kings of college football.

Recruiting is the backbone of building these programs.  Coaches visiting the living rooms of potential players coming to their beloved program, making promises to families and the athletes that their school is best for their future.  It’s a negotiation, some go beyond the grey areas of what is allowed, some completely within the rules.

Coaches sell these High School Superstars on location, facilities, being a starter, building their potential NFL talent, and making them a household name.

SEC has proven time after time that they are the elite in football. By why?  As much as these SEC schools succeed on the football field, they come way short in Academics.  The secret sauce of having a squad of high flying athletes, laxed academic requirements.  

If a school like Alabama who ranks 270 in college academic standards by can make it easier for athletes to concentrate on football and only football and not stress the students out on trying to maintain a high standard of academic achievement, that is one less major distraction these athletes do not have to worry about. 

Do most of them graduate? Yes, and proudly, does Alabama standards even come close to let’s say their SEC opponents like a Vanderbilt who ranks 14th in academics but is usually dead last on the field. 

An athlete will always chose the path to further their athletic career to make it to the pro’s over trying to grind in the books.  

This week the college championship we see 1 Alabama taking on 3 Georgia on the field, but overall as a school it’s 270 Alabama vs 83 Georgia.