The top five most entertaining athletes in my lifetime.


5. Tiger Woods
. As an avid golf fan and play the sport all my life, there is nothing more boring about the sport and seen much of old guys in plaid pants for walking around the golf course and chasing a ball. Tiger Woods has definitely change the sport like no other. Watching his athletic prowess on the golf course and making the sport is more an athletic event an achievement, and watching him destroy courses and his opponents in the last 20 years has been nothing short of amazing

4. Dale Earnhardt. NASCAR at its peak was a very exciting sport to watch, the seven-time champion and the Intimidator made the sport. Watching him and the fan base of those who loved him was so entertaining to watch, his fights on the track with Rusty Wallace and Jeff Gordon and amongst others made him a absolute legend. The sport died once Dale died, there was none more entertaining to watch in this silent assassin do his thing.


3. Mike Tyson. The greatest heavyweight champion in my generation ever. He would absolutely destroy anyone who stepped in the ring with him, you never knew what to expect and how quickly he would dispose his opponents. He was a must see pay-per-view on all of his fights. The trilogy between him and Evander Holyfield turned boxing into one of the most entertaining sports you could see. His entire life was nothing but a story that you could not make up.  Between him going to prison, coming back and winning the heavyweight title, and having his mental breakdowns in the ring, you always wanted to see what happen next.

2. Tom Brady. 7x Super Bowl champ, 3x All Pro, 14x Pro Bowl, 3 MVP and no doubt 1st ballot HOFer, he is poetry on the field. Many tune into watching greatness on the field but also many tune in to root for him to lose.  Love him or hate him it is unreal to see him carve up defenses and watching his last quarter comebacks is why NFL so popular, and it’s because the NFL is full of stars. Tom Brady is the greatest to ever have played QB.  People will miss him once he hangs up the pads.


1. Michael Jordan. He was everywhere. On Wheaties boxes, on cartoons, in commercials, on basketball shoes. Everyone in the world knew who this man was. As a kid growing up everybody who played basketball would shout Jordan while making a shot. He was an icon. Still the number one grossing athlete in the world. His iconic shoe brand with Nike still has the most collected shoes by far. Watching him on the basketball court and the seven rings he won in the style he did it, really makes you appreciate his athleticism especially the way the game is going today. I’ll never forget the flu game, I’ll never forget him jumping from the foul line in the slam dunk contest. I’ll never forget the last minute shot against Utah in the playoffs. I’ll never forget him closing his eyes at the foul line and making a free-throw. I’ll never forget the image of him hugging the trophy after his father passed away and crying. Michael Jordan is a legend.