Top 5 Fresh Water and Salt Water places to fish from a kayak

I’ve had the pleasure to fish all over the country the last 5 years.  Covid hit, I hit the road and travelled thousands of miles to explore, fish and meet great people.  
In my travels, I’ve fished the big name fisheries and some hidden gems.  I love fishing!  Both salt and fresh water equally.  Here is my Top 5 fishing adventures to fish from a kayak. 

Salt Water Fishing

5. Rudee Inlet / Lynnhaven - Virginia Beach

4. Pamlico Sound NC

3. Mosquito Lagoon FL

2. Grande Isle, LA

1. Oak Island NC

Fresh Water Fishing 

5. Susquehanna River, PA

4. Caddo Lake, TX / LA

3. Guntersville, AL

2. Headwaters, FL

1. St Clair, MI