Top 5 places to go for the Outdoorsman and Families

Being on the road has it’s advantages.  Towing a camper with a yak and all the gear for an avid outdoorsman takes special planning.  Finding places to go to not only scratch the itch to fish, hunt or golf for dad, but also finding great places for families to go have a great time together.  Dining and access to great food is also a plus which is why we created this list of the Top 5 places to plan for 2022 to go. 

5. The UP of Michigan

Such a beautiful area in the summer.  A hidden gem of places to fish and the area takes you back to simple times.  A European flare of scenery with great people. Cannot believe the views off of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior.  A great place to go and explore.


4. Knoxville, TN

The Smokey Mountains are a must.  Gatlinburg TN and the many things to do there is just too much to number, the shows and dining are amazing. For the outdoorsman, golf and fishing are a must.  You can find hidden gems all around that area to do.  A great place for everyone to enjoy


3.  Outer Banks of NC

 If you’re looking to hook up on a 400lb Blue Marlin, or kayak the Pimlico Sound or surf fish for 40” Bull Reds, this is the fisherman’s paradise.  Up and down the North Carolina coast on the Outer Banks is filled with fun stuff for the family as well as great places to eat.  NC does a great job in perserving the coast and keeping the back in time feel the further you get down to Cape Hatteras.  

2.  Orlando FL

Disney and Universal, need we say more.  Families flock to this area for a reason.  Bring your wallet though, golf .. a must.. fishing?  YEP!  Grab your kayak and fish Headwaters, Kenansville, or Kissimmee Chain for bass or head to the coast to Mosquito Lagoon and try to get some reds and snook on the flats.  

1.  Jackson Hole WY and Tetons

The Ultimate!  For skiers, hunting and fishing and everything in between.  If you are looking for an adventure with your family, this is the place to go.  In talking with several full time campers all over the country they all list this as their number 1 location.