Wanna know a dirty little secret?

So, do you? If you’ve got this far I’d guess you do. Well here goes, I do not have a favorite NFL team. There I said it. It’s out in the open for all the world to ridicule me about. But before you do let me pose a question to you, am I missing out on a big part of football season or do I get to enjoy the product more as a whole?

Before I start to answer that let me give you a few more things to chew on. I have a favorite baseball team, the Nationals. And a favorite NHL team, the Capitals. As for the NBA, since I was a kid watching Showtime I’ve always rooted for the Lakers. Heck, I even have a favorite college football team. It’s the West Virginia Mountaineers.

Strange I know. I’ve thought about it a lot and have tried many times to find a NFL team to root for. I tried to like the Dolphins like my dad. Living in the DC area you’d think I could adopt the Washington Football Team. I tried to follow the Broncos for a time. Same with the Giants, Raiders, Falcons, and Colts. But I never felt that connection.

There are lots of reasons I think about as to why I never got myself a NFL team. Pro football wasn’t the juggernaut it is now when I was a kid. I didn’t grow up near a city that had a NFL team. The age of Dan Snyder turned me off on Washington. And then there are god awful Cowboys fans everywhere that I just can’t be associated with.

Ok, so am I missing out or do I get more enjoyment out of the season? Admittedly I am jealous of someone who has that passionate connection with the Steelers or Eagles or Browns. That you can root for them each week and celebrate their success each year or see their future in each years draft. The joy of getting some great seats for a game and tailgates and following your team through social media and fan sites. You get to live a real passion all year long.

Now for the flip side. I am a NFL football fan. I enjoy watching games each week. I can search the schedule for the week’s best match up or flip to a close game to see a late game drive where as a Seahawks fan will most likely be glued to that game no matter what else is going on. My Sundays are not tied to any specific team. If there isn’t a great game I want to see I have the freedom to do something else. If my team loses I don’t have to live with that feeling until next Sunday. I get to consume it all and relish all that the season has to offer.

I’m not saying my side is the right side to be on. I already said there is some stuff I miss out on that diehard fans get to experience. But there are some positive things on my side as well

There it is. My secret is out. Just in time for the September 9th match up of the Cowboys and Bucs. I’ll be watching for sure because like you I haven’t had real football since February 7th and I’m ready to see all the story lines develop and play out this season and let’s go to all my NFL teams!!