What Major League Baseball Needs Asap

Enough already, we’re tired of millionaires fighting with billionaires.  MLB and their weak leader Ray Manfred are on strike again and no one really cares.  Spring Training is supposed to be around the corner and players want more money and owners say no way.  

This sport is the only major sport that has real guaranteed money to contracts.  There is no league salary cap other than luxury tax on the teams and owners are scratching their heads on now why players are demanding more.

Let’s be real, MLB is the red-headed stepchild to the almighty NFL in ratings, networks are not stumbling over trying to get MLB games on TV.  The World Series at best is equivilient to a Browns - Jaguars game in ratings.  Yet everyone wants more piece of the TV revenue pie.

Once MLB opened the toothpaste tube in allowing guaranteed contracts there’s no going back.  That is why when Kirk Cousins signed with the Vikings with $85MM guaranteed money, the NFL GM’s were scrambling and all agreed never to allow this again!

MLB needs 3 things to get back on track and end this ridiculous hold out...

1. Replace weak Ray Manfred

Under his leadership in canceling the All-Star game in Atlanta due to political preasure, only to have Atlanta Braves win the World Series and he is having to hand over the trophy to them is an outright embarassment. He is not a leader, he sticks his finger up in the air and goes with the flow. MLB has not grown under his tenure and he should be voted out immediately. 

2. Cap all player revenue to 52%

Anyone in business knows that human capital is the most expensive expense on the P&L statements.  Every major corporation running has a labor ratio no more than 52% of gross revenues.  The league needs to stand pat on this number and the revenue share amongst teams as a whole needs to abide by this ratio or risk being overran by the players union.  Then you don’t have a league.  

3.  Time to Divest Teams


Players want more money, then it’s time to get rid of some franchises that don’t make the cut with fan attendance or market TV revenue.

3 Teams that need to go away..

1. Florida Marlins

2. Oakland Athletics 

3. Tampa Bay Devil Rays

These three teams are constantly in the bottom of attendance and they trade away great players to save money.  Enough is enough. If you only have 27 teams to split the revenue with, then fewer players can split the pot. 

MLB is a mess.  Time to shake things up and get back to playing ball!