Where To Go For Sports News?

Simple question here, you open a browser and type in www., and then what? The best answer is motionsportsnetwork.com. That is if you want smartly written analysis of what is happening in the sports world. But let’s say you are in the dark about us and don’t have the sharpest looking hat atop your head, what did you fill the address bar with?  
Bleacher Report?

I’m asking because I want to know and I want to compare what’s going on there with what we are building for ourselves here.  This ain’t no David vs Goliath, much more like a sand flea vs Goliath. But there is a dirty little secret behind all of those sites I listed, they all had to start somewhere. They were all once an idea and someone got off of their rear end and started working on them to get them off the ground and dealt with all the pain and troubles to make them into something.

That is exactly where we are. I was given this job by a life long friend. He has told me he wants to make a place in the sports world that the coverage is simply on the sporting aspects of the events taking place on the field, court, track, ice, pitch, hell even if there are two guys playing a game of HORSE in the driveway with a bottle of Jack Daniels on the line that’s the stuff we want to cover. No politics. No social justice. No messages. None of it. Here’s the combatants, their strengths and weaknesses, how the tide turned, the final score, reactions, and what’s next.

That’s why I started with the question of where do you go for coverage of sports. I originally wanted to the top headline from each of those sites to contrast how little they are covering the sporting event and how much they are just jazzing stuff up for clicks. But it works. For them. I am going to try my best to stay away from that because I don’t want to read about the new puppy Garret Cole bought for his wife or what Tom Gugliotta ordered at Arby’s. I want to give my thoughts and opinions on the performance I saw last night and what I expect to happen next Sunday.

And all of that is ok. The internet is a big place. The TV streaming world is a big place. I have exactly ZERO training in media, journalism, or broadcasting. I like to think that I can write fairly well (I also like to think I am funny but my wife and kids have a different opinion about that). But it’s all fine. Everyone is different. Everyone likes different things. Now here is our thing. Our different thing. Motion Sports Network can exist in the same stratosphere as any other site. They will cover things their way, and we will do it our way. We just aren’t going to pretend to be one thing and and do something completely different.

There’s a dedicated bunch of us doing all we can to make something out of Motion Sports. Stick around, we promise you a lot of fun along the way.